Ranking Rules

The PHFL Longsword and All-Around Ranking is determined by performance in official League competitions. Fighters will earn a number of points based on their rank in each competition. PHFL will be using the Nordic League Ranking system.

26 points for 1st place
22 points for 2nd place
18 points for 3rd place
14 points for 4th place
10 points for 5th - 8th place
6 points for 9th - 16th place
3 points for 17th - 32nd place
1 point for 33rd place or lower

Longsword Tournament

The PHFL Longsword tournament is a competitive longsword ranking based on performance at official league events. In 2017, these events will be Queen’s Gambit (Charlotte, NC), Study in Steel (Greenville, SC), and the Raleigh Open (Raleigh, NC). The 2018 season begins in November 2017 and will also include the Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open (SERFO). The top three events in a season count toward the fighter’s overall score and rank.

All-Around Ranking

The PHFL All-Around Ranking measures performance in more than just the standard longsword competition. Fighters will receive points based on how well they place in Queen’s Gambit’s cutting competition, SERFO’s wrestling tournament, and Study in Steel’s paired techniques. Fighters also receive points based on how well they place in the overall PHFL Longsword Ranking. At the end of the season, points from these events are totaled to determine overall score and rank.