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Oktoberfecht is a 2-3 day camping event in early October in Apex, NC. We're reserving a fantastic camping venue we've used in the past, maybe putting up a large tent in case of weather, and just hanging out for a weekend with sword people. We're going to open the event up for everyone in the community to contribute all those crazy ideas you want to experiment with -- as well as the not-so-crazy ones. 

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to Jun 11

A weekend of tactical decision making

This event is a series of workshops all with the same overlying theme - How to actually think about what to do while bouting.

We have three different instructors who shall be running these workshops; David Coblentz, Jayson Barrons and Travis Mayott. They shall bring their own experiences and perspectives to this topic to help further your ability to fence intelligently.

The workshops shall run from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon. Each workshop shall be 2 hours long and deal with a different aspect of the topic.

Cost for the weekend - $50

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9:00 AM09:00

A Sworded Affair!

The first iteration of our small tournament went well, and the Highland Games loved having HEMA there. They asked us to come back, so here we are! We'll be doing a slightly different set of events this time around as well, so expect more information about them, including rules, soon.

Right now, the events will be:

-Axe and Shield, courtesy of the Warriors of Ash
-3v3 Team Melee

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Study in Steel 2017
to Apr 30

Study in Steel 2017

Official League Event.

Study in Steel 2017, the 3rd annual tournament hosted by Sword Carolina. Mark your calendars. Share this and invite people! This year Study in Steel is proud to be a part of the Piedmont Historical Fencing League! Study in Steel is an OPEN event, and you are invited to attend no matter where you live. For those of you in the PHFL, the Open Longsword and the Paired Technique tournaments will count for league standing. 

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